Bach Original Flower Remedies

This time of year can be so stressful. The busy Christmas period and all its difficulties may be out of the way but the New Year often brings with it new challenges and anxieties, from small things like getting back into the routine of work or the school run, to larger ones like December’s credit card bill hitting the mat or how you are planning to keep all those New Year Resolutions.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, worried, fearful or dealing with any other negative emotion which is effecting your day to day life and relationships the Bach Original Flower Remedies* are a safe and natural method of bringing about calm and restoring balance. Discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1920’s the 38 different remedies gently restore the balance between mind and body by combating negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision, allowing peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

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Scentered Stress Less Therapy Balm

As a fan of aromatherapy, which she used to keep herself balanced whilst juggling work and home life, Lara Morgan was frustrated by the lack of practical aromatherapy products on the market. Fed up of leaking bottles and greasy, oil-based formulations Lara embarked on creating a range of multi-tasking, easy-to-use and truly portable products and together with business partner Fay Pottinger Scentered was born.

From personal experience Lara knows too well the pressures placed on women today, with stress levels at a high, so with their Stop. Inhale. Reset. ritual at the heart of each Scentered product you are encouraged to take a moment for yourself, breathe deeply and reset your mood, transforming the way you feel. One of their many targeted aromatherapy products is the fabulous Stress Less Therapy Balm, which I am sharing with you today.


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