Lush Boxing Day Sale 2016

Oh dear LUSH. After actually thinking you had got your act together last year with an online Boxing Day Sale that went relatively smoothly, you lose the plot this year with a queuing system that was useless!

After 4 hours getting nowhere nearer to accessing your website I broke my ‘no going to the shops on Boxing Day’ rule and drove to the Bury store. The silly thing was that after a 40 minute drive there, a couple of hours shopping and a stop for a pint, and a 40 minute drive back, when I got home again I was no nearer the front of the queue than I was at 10am (slow hand clap). At 4pm when I finally got on the site only a handful of sale products were left and the site was still incredibly glitchy.

Never mind LUSH, fortunately for me and many other your tireless staff at the Bury store kept the show on the road where your woefully inadequate site let customers down, and I bagged some great bargains including the following:

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