Moj Moj Collectibles

Collectable, pocket money toys seem to be all the range and today I’m bringing you the newest collectables on the scene; Moj Moj* from MGA.

Moj Moj are little squishy animal characters that come in pairs. Tucked into brightly coloured packaging, they are cute and lots of fun.

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BABY Secrets

Is anyone else’s child obsessed with collectibles? My daughter loves her vast range of Shopkins, L.O.L Surprise and Hatchimals toys, and now we’ve just discovered the latest collectible craze – introducing BABY Secrets.

BABY Secrets (RRP £2.99)* are cute pocket-money toys, featuring 50 babies to collect, each with a big personality. Every baby comes complete with a birth certificate and a bathtub. By filling the bathtub with water and dipping the baby in the nappy changes colour so you can find out if yours is a boy or girl!

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#UnboxingDay – Num Noms Series 3

I am super excited today to finally be able to share with you the brand new Num Noms Series 3 and Light Series 1, which fans of these cute, Kawaii inspired squishy collectables have been eagerly awaiting.

Series 3 introduces a whole host of brand new Num Noms characters including Marshmallows, Donuts, Candy, Fruits and Veggies, as well as new sets. In typical Num Nom fashion they are super cute and lots of fun!

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