Recent Empties: Part Two

In October I wrote about how I’d got out of the habit of posting about my monthly product use-ups, resulting in a back log of Empties which I intended to split across two blog posts. Well finally I’ve got my act together (sort of) to bring you the final installment and today I’ll be giving you the low-down on the products I used over late summer.

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Glossybox X Wendy Rowe Collaboration Box

Glossybox was one of the first subscription box services to launch, so naturally they know how to curate a good box, and their recent Limited Edition box, produced in collaboration with Makeup Artist and Burberry Makeup Artistic Consultant, Wendy Rowe, is fabulous.

The Glossybox Wendy Rowe Edit was released on 14th November priced at £35 for subscribers and £40 for non-subscribers, and nestled inside the gorgeous packaging is a selection of Wendy’s favourite beauty products, from nourishing skincare to makeup must-haves.

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October 2015 Empties

It’s that time of year when I step up my skincare and try to be a lot more disciplined when it comes to skincare, applying body lotion twice daily, switching my gel cleansers an oil cleanser, and using richer moisturisers. This is reflected in my October empties which includes moisture boosting sheet masks, a rich body butter and nourishing lotions.


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My Guide To Oily Skin

From my teenage years onwards I’ve battled the shine caused by my oily skin. The shine that breaks through even the most matte of products after just a few hours, the shine that means I went through a tonne of blotting sheets on my wedding day so I didn’t look like a total oil slick on the photos. So I know a few things about living with oily skin and have picked up a few tips along the way, which I’m going to share with you today.

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Breakouts and Rediscovering an Old Favourite


Once upon a time I used Decleor Ylang-Ylang Aromessence Oil (now called Super Serum) and Ylang-Ylang Night Balm religiously;  its scent is divine and it did wonders for balancing my spot prone complexion and controlling my oily skin. Admittedly though I have a tendency to chop and change skincare; regularly being tempted by new launches or brands offering Gift With Purchases, so when I my skin improved I stopped using the Ylang-Ylang range. The last few weeks however I’ve been suffering from breakouts again. I’m not sure why other than perhaps the warmer weather, but it’s very annoying and not at all what I expect in my thirties!

I’m quite wary about a lot of popular anti-spot ranges out there as I find the formulas can often feel very astringent, as if they’re stripping the skin. I can see why people may like them as they do leave your skin feeling very clean and free from oil and, as someone with an oiler skin, I really appreciate how a greasy face can make you feel grubby and self conscious. But I also know that a degree of oil is good for the skin, acting as a natural moisturiser, and it has been said that oilier skins age better. In addition I believe that if you strip your skin of its natural oils then the sebaceous glands’ knee-jerk reaction is to compensate by producing more oil, creating a vicious cycle. Consequently I reached once again for my Decleor and it’s effective, yet gentle Ylang-Ylang range. Straight away I was reminded why I loved the products.

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