Amphora Aromatics Fresh Feet Massage Oil

With all this lovely weather we are having making sure your feet are ready for sandals or to go barefoot on the beach is definitely a top beauty priority, and Amphora Aromatic‘s latest launch will certainly help ensure your feet are in tip-top condition.

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AA Skincare Shower & Bath Gel

AA Skincare is back with a lovely new addition to their range.

The AA Skincare Shower and Bath Gel range* features 5 new fragrance blends, designed to gently cleanse the skin, care for the body and stimulate the senses.

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Buff & Butter Essential Oils

I am fascinated by the healing properties of flowers, herbs and spices and I’ve always loved experimenting with essential oils to make up my own massage and bath oils, as well as simply using them in my oil burner to fragrance my home with their beautiful scents.

Buff & Butter very kindly offered me the chance to try five of their essential oils from their huge range and to say I was spoilt for choice was an understatement! After much deliberation I finally selected Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Ylang-ylang and Clary Sage*. Each of these oils has a lovely strong aroma which is a good indication of the quality and they are housed in dark glass bottles that prevent UV from causing the oils to degrade.

Each oil has a distinct use and quality that I will detail below.

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