Anne Semonin The Daily Musts Review

It feels like I’m getting through some serious face masks these days! I think it is because the nights are getting longer and I love getting home from work, throwing on my PJs and having a serious pamper while I swoon over Poldark, get infuriated at The Apprentice candidates or complain about how the X-Factor is rigged and I’ll never watch it again!

The Anne Semonin The Daily Musts Mini Coffret (RRP £24, Libbie Club price £19.20) is a great set of face masks designed to combat any skincare woe. Consisting of a mineral mask, an exfoliating mask, a gel mask, and a cream mask – all with different effects on the skin – there is something for every skintype or concern. Each of the masks is available to buy individually in a larger size, but they’re pretty pricey at £42 each, so this pack is an ideal way to test each one and see which one meets your needs. They are also great if, like me, your skin changes through the month. In each pot there is enough product to get 2 or 3 uses, but as they aren’t resealable I’d recommend using some cling film to keep them from drying out.

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Ooharr Creamy Face Masks

Ooharr is back with another set of lovely masks, this time focusing on cream based masked that will hydrate and nourish the skin, perfect as Winter approaches.

As with the previous Ooharr masks I reviewed these are colourful, fun and priced at just £1.20 each are very purse friendly. They are bursting with nutrients and natural ingredients to reinvigorate tired skin and bring back the natural glow of your complexion.

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Montagne Jeunesse Masks

In my 32 years of life I have never used Montagne Jeunesse face masks, despite the fact they’ve been around for years, in supermarkets everywhere,  and at completely bargainous prices! In fact it was only after I got into reading blogs, and heard other people name-dropping them, that I decided it was time to give them a go.


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