Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt

If you are a parent you probably know too well the battles that can ensue at mealtimes as you try to get your little darlings to eat something other than their favourite foods, and if you are anything like me you’ve probably tried all the tricks – hiding vegetables in sauces, convincing them that that their favourite cartoon character loves broccoli – to no avail!

Luckily Gotrovo have developed a lovely dinner set that is both functional and fun, doubling up as a game that helps make mealtimes interesting and rewarding.

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Half Term Cooking Fun with Num Noms

Num Noms are cute little collectibles that are food themed and each one is scented to match the food it represents. They’re great for imaginative play, or to help younger children learn different food groups, and you can also use them together with your child to invent zany food combinations.

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Sunday Summary

This week has been very tiring and I really struggled to get going.  The weather took a turn for the worst and I don’t think that helped but also C seems to be going through a phase where she’s both stubborn and ignores me, yet is very demanding my attention! If I hear the words “I want” again I think I’ll scream. But enough of the joys of bringing up a three year old and on to what I’ve been doing this week…

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