Spa Magik Organiks Sleep Therapy 6 Oil Super Serum

From the makers of Dead Sea Spa Magik, Spa Magik Organiks is a new range of products that offer therapeutic spa solutions to help alleviate the most commonly suffered ailments, encourage overall well-being and nuture beautifully clear skin. Experts at Spa Magik Organiks blend pure essential oils, therapeutic plants and healing sea water – elements that have been used for centuries – to heal and revitalise our bodies, and each and every formulation is natural, organic and free from nasties.

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Oil Pulling With Cocowhite

Coconut oil has become a buzz beauty ingredient recently and you can’t go anywhere without someone singing the praises of this multi-tasking oil. From keeping your skin hydrated to maintaining silky hair, and even cleansing, this oil does it all, but there’s a more novel use for coconut oil that you may not be familiar with – oil pulling.


Oil pulling is basically gargling with oil to maintain oral health and whiter teeth. Said to pull out toxins, kill bacteria and improve general health the roots of oil pulling – also known as kavala or gundusha – lie in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, but Cocowhite has brought this concept bang up to date, taking it into the mainstream. I’ve had the pleasure of trying this out for you recently and am bringing you the results today.

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New Year, New Me – Getting Healthier in 2015!

Over Christmas I was really ill and it hit home that i’d neglected myself recently and I really needed to get fit and healthy again. I know it’s often easier said than done and that so many New Year resolutions fall by the wayside, but I am committed and have already begun making significant changes including signing up to my local Xercise4less gym, which I’m super excited about because I used to be quite a gym bunny before my little one came along – even working out right through my pregnancy!

So what else is going to help me achieve my goal of getting healthy in 2015?

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