Marula Pure Beauty Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Marula Oil is the latest beauty secret making waves in the industry. Harvested by hand in the most rural parts of South Africa it is nutrient rich and packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and omega oils which deliver nutrition, moisture and luminosity to your skin and hair, and I fell in love with the precious oil when I reviewed the Marula Facial Oil back in 2015.

Now the company behind the brilliant facial oil have introduced new products to the Marula Pure Beauty Oil range including the Deep Moisture Hair Mask which I had the pleasure of trying recently.

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Marula Facial Oil

I’ve been a huge fan of Argan Oil for years, so when I heard about the new buzz beauty ingredient in town, Marula Oil, I felt not only a surge of excitement, but a little guilt, as if I was cheating on a faithful friend. You see Marula Oil, which is harvested from the Marula nut in East Africa, contains 60% more antioxidants than leading Argan Oils making it even more beneficial to the skin, so given the choice of the two it’s a no brainer really. Move over Argan Oil, it’s all about Marula Oil!


Marula Facial Oil (30ml, £37.50)* from John Paul Selects is a hydrating facial treatment suitable for all skin types. The nourishing, rapidly absorbing oil is made entirely from pure cold-pressed Marula Oil, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, just the smallest drop of natural essential oils to provide a lovely orange scent. The oil provides an immediate boost of hydration, visibly plumping out fine lines and increasing the skin’s radiance, and sinks in quickly leaving no greasy residue. It is lightweight enough, even for my oily complexion.

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