Laila London Chamomile & Lavender Clay Mask  

In order to keep my complexion clear and blemish free I swear by a good clay mask and I usually try to indulge my skin once a week to help combat those pesky blemishes and spots.

The Chamomile & Lavender Clay Mask from Laila London, which is one of this month’s brilliant Libbie Club offers, is a perfect choice for skin that is misbehaving. Because it contains only three naturally sourced ingredients – Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder, Organic Lavender and Organic Chamomile – it is also suitable even for sensitive skins.

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LOLA Make Up Satin Eyeshadow Duo

LOLA Make Up is a British designed make up brand, originally created for professional makeup artists but now available for us mere mortals to buy in M&S stores and also at The Libbie Club.

The latest LOLA Makeup product I’ve had the pleasure of trying is their eye shadow which has a beautiful shimmer which brightens the eye area and a creamy texture that really feels comfortable on the lids. The LOLA Makeup eyeshadows are highly pigmented to ensure a true colour when applied, while silicon particles and emollient oils offer an ultra-silky touch, excellent adherence, and help to prevent creasing.

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Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir

If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning of the hair, are trying to grow your hair or simply improve its texture and condition, Viviscal is a name you need to know!

Viviscal is a specialised brand of hair products and supplements which are designed to aid hair growth, condition and thickness of hair and their Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir (50ml, RRP £19.99, Libbie Club price £15.99) is a must if you long for fuller, more lustrous locks.

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The Hero Project UNDO Bi-phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Hands up who’s addicted to heavy eyeliner or lashings of mascara? I love wearing lots of eye makeup when I go out but so often eye makeup removers aren’t really up to the job, and no matter how much I scrub at my makeup to remove it I still wake up with panda eyes and the remnants of last night’s mascara all over my pillow slips!

I always swear by a Bi-Phase makeup remover for removing stubborn makeup so when I heard that The Hero Project was launching their own and that it was one of this month’s Libbie Club offers I was pretty excited to see how this product compared to my usual favourite. The Hero Project is a company which only launched last year but is already gathering a following of loyal fans, and I had already fallen head over heals in love with their Hyasoft Gel and Glow Drops. Would I rate their latest offering? Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case testing, so read on to find out.

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Isla Apothecary Lemongrass & Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub

Founded only one year ago, Isla Apothecary blends all-natural ingredients with a truly indulgent aromatherapy experience to give you skincare and body care that not only rejuvenates the skin but enlivens the senses, and today I have the pleasure of bringing you a review of one of their gorgeous products.

The Isla Apothecary Lemongrass & Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub (RRP £21 Libbie Club price £12.60), is a lovely scrub which utilises natural ground pumice stone and epsom salts to provide a thorough, effective exfoliation. Baobab and Sweet Almond Oils are quickly absorbed into the skin and provide deep down hydration to aid dry and cracked feet. Essential oil of Rosemary has an analgesic property which eases sore, tired feet, while anti-fungal Lemongrass protects the feet and gently deodorises.

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Paul Yacomine Micro Duo Review

Recently my hair really has been misbehaving; it feels dry and coarse and gets knotted very easily, yet when I introduce any sort of deep conditioner or oil to smooth and hydrate my hair instantly feels greasy and weighed down! So when I tried the Paul Yacomine Micro Duo which is one of this month’s Libbie Club offers it was with some trepidation. Would this be yet another disappointment?

Luckily this pair of oils were exactly what my hair needed and I can genuinely say in just two weeks of use they have transformed my hair and become must-have products. Designed not leave build-up on the hair nor weigh it down, they have really left my hair feeling cared for, looking nourished and feeling strokably soft. Not to mention they smell absolutely divine and feel so luxurious – making them a real joy to use!

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Indeed Labs Nanoblur

If you’ve been looking for a product that instantly smooths fine lines, erases open pores and tightens the skin the wait is over. Nanoblur by Indeed Labs quite literally erases the years in a matter of seconds.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur (RRP £19.99, Libbie Club price £16.99) is a cream which utilises tiny light reflecting particles to scatter light, blurring wrinkles, pigmentation and large pores and making skin look clearer, fresher and younger.

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NUDE Skincare Omega Cleansing Jelly

For years I used only foaming cleansers to wash my face; with my oily and blemish prone complexion I steered well clear of oil and cream based cleansers thinking they would clog my pores and exacerbate the problem. But as I’ve gotten older and learnt more about skincare I’ve discovered that I needn’t limit my skincare routine and that sometimes an oily complexion is actually crying out for a gentler, more nourishing formula.

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Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes Mascara


As a wearer of glasses I often feel that my eye-makeup looks lost and that all people see is my large frames, so what I look for in a mascara is one that will really make may lashes pop and stand out behind my lenses.

I’m always on the search for a mascara that fits the bill and I had heard great reviews about the Lights Camera Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara from Tarte Cosmetics, which is formulated to lengthen, curl, volumise and condition the lashes, but would it live up to the claims? I had to find out for myself so when I saw that the mascara was featuring in this month’s Libbie Club boutique I couldn’t wait to try it!

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Ginvera Marvel White Marvel Gel Review

The all new Ginvera Marvel White series is a pioneering skincare range developed in Singapore which features the potent ingredients Japanese Shiso and Green Tea.


The secret of Japanese Shiso goes back over a thousand years, when Asian herbalists first noticed that Shiso plants have the ability to survive even the most extreme droughts and climatic conditions, as well as helping the surrounding plants to grow. As a result of these incredible healing powers Shiso has since become a prized ingredient not only in Asian food but also in skincare where it can repair, protect and rejuvenate the skin.

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