Recent Empties: Part One

It has been so long since I bothered with an Empties post – I think my last one was back in April – that I’ve decided to split my latest into two parts and today I’ll look at all the products I used up over the first few months of the Summer.

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Ooharr Creamy Face Masks

Ooharr is back with another set of lovely masks, this time focusing on cream based masked that will hydrate and nourish the skin, perfect as Winter approaches.

As with the previous Ooharr masks I reviewed these are colourful, fun and priced at just £1.20 each are very purse friendly. They are bursting with nutrients and natural ingredients to reinvigorate tired skin and bring back the natural glow of your complexion.

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Pink Parcel – June 2016

Pink Parcel this is a monthly subscription service that aims to make your period something to look forward to rather than dread. Its unique selling point is the reliable delivery of essential sanitary items along with a handful of beauty treats and snacks, and it’s one of my favourite deliveries of the month!

This month, on the back of customer feedback, Pink Parcel have made some small changes to the boxes. Gone are the feminine hygiene products, and there are two or three fewer sanitary products per box (clearly I wasn’t the only one slowly collecting tampons as I couldn’t use them fast enough!), which means the price has reduced slightly too – whoop!  

So what is inside the box this month? Read on to find out!


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