The Library of Fragrance Jasmine

The Library of Fragrance is a unique way to experience scents, each one a simple, single note which is instantly recognisable and evokes strong memories.

I’ve tried a number of scents from The Library of Fragrance – Fresh Ginger, Gin & Tonic and Thunderstorm being favourites – but my latest is Jasmine (30ml,(Libbie Club price £14), a scent so true to life I was instantly reminded of the beautiful Jasmine plant I owned many years ago and which sadly didn’t survive a house move. Ever since I’ve always longed to be surrounded by the scent of Jasmine again, but until now had never found anything that came close to the real thing.

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Signature Fragrances

Signature Fragrances London is a company founded by two friends, Solomon and Yinka, with a passion for perfumery. All the perfumes they produce are at an indulgent Pure Parfum strength, and unlike eau de parfum or eau de toilette they contain little to no alcohol. Just highly concentrated perfume oils that result in a longer lasting scent. Expect your perfume to last from dawn to dusk!


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