Marlenha Blossom Elixir

Marlenha is a brand of high-potency Italian skincare which takes nature’s most exquisitely beautiful flowers as its inspiration. Blending botanical ingredients with leading edge bio-active technology Marlenha’s sublime formulas nourish and rejuvenate every skin type, revealing a brighter, healthier complexion.

Recently I was sent one of their moisturisers to try and being a big fan of niche brands I was excited to discover what Marlenha skincare had to offer!

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Introducing F.O.Y. Skincare

The F.O.Y. skincare range was originally developed to provide post-operative treatments for patients undergoing surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Standing for Fountain Of Youth the idea was that F.O.Y. products would help to prolong results long after patients had been discharged from the clinic.

Formulated by a team aestheticians, skincare scientists and dermatologists in 2015, there are now ten skincare products in the range, which is targeted towards mature skin types. I was very kindly sent eight products range to test out and I have to say both myself and my mum, who also became a willing guinea pig, were impressed.

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Anne Semonin The Daily Musts Review

It feels like I’m getting through some serious face masks these days! I think it is because the nights are getting longer and I love getting home from work, throwing on my PJs and having a serious pamper while I swoon over Poldark, get infuriated at The Apprentice candidates or complain about how the X-Factor is rigged and I’ll never watch it again!

The Anne Semonin The Daily Musts Mini Coffret (RRP £24, Libbie Club price £19.20) is a great set of face masks designed to combat any skincare woe. Consisting of a mineral mask, an exfoliating mask, a gel mask, and a cream mask – all with different effects on the skin – there is something for every skintype or concern. Each of the masks is available to buy individually in a larger size, but they’re pretty pricey at £42 each, so this pack is an ideal way to test each one and see which one meets your needs. They are also great if, like me, your skin changes through the month. In each pot there is enough product to get 2 or 3 uses, but as they aren’t resealable I’d recommend using some cling film to keep them from drying out.

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Ooharr Creamy Face Masks

Ooharr is back with another set of lovely masks, this time focusing on cream based masked that will hydrate and nourish the skin, perfect as Winter approaches.

As with the previous Ooharr masks I reviewed these are colourful, fun and priced at just £1.20 each are very purse friendly. They are bursting with nutrients and natural ingredients to reinvigorate tired skin and bring back the natural glow of your complexion.

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Embryolisse Anti-Age Firming Cream

It’s a sad fact but as we age our skin begins to lack firmness and moisture. Collagen production slows and our cells retain less water, leading to the telltale signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.

Whilst we’ll never be able to stop the hands of time and there isn’t a miracle treatment to reverse skin aging we can up our skincare regime to help limit damage and retain our youthful skin for a while longer.

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Kiehl’s Favourites

Sometimes you walk into a beauty hall and one counter stands out from the others, piquing your interest and capturing your imagination, and Kiehl’s definitely ticks that box.

Photo credit: Kiehl’s

When they first launched in the UK back in 2002 Kiehl’s counters were like a breath of fresh air in what had otherwise become a fairly bland marketplace. The brand draws on its long heritage, when in 1851 it launched as a single pharmacy in Manhatten, with counters that are styled to look like a vintage apothecary, lined with bottles and each one complete with its very own Mr Bones skeleton. The counter assistants wear lab coats and all the branding and packaging has a distinctive retro feel.

Since those early days when the UK had just 12 counters the brand has grown significantly with 26 standalone stores – a number it hopes to double by 2018 – and it seems only fitting to celebrate the brand’s success by featuring four of its most popular products* on my blog.

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Indeed Labs Nanoblur

If you’ve been looking for a product that instantly smooths fine lines, erases open pores and tightens the skin the wait is over. Nanoblur by Indeed Labs quite literally erases the years in a matter of seconds.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur (RRP £19.99, Libbie Club price £16.99) is a cream which utilises tiny light reflecting particles to scatter light, blurring wrinkles, pigmentation and large pores and making skin look clearer, fresher and younger.

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Transformulas Hydration Gold

Over the last few years there has been a new skincare trend in town – Gold – and high end brands such as La Prairie, Carita, Orogold and Omorovicza have all been combining this precious metal into their formulations.

Gold has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties and colloidal gold is sometimes injected by doctors to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Dermatologists and product developers began to explore the idea that this anti-inflammatory agent could be used to treat hyperpigmentation, acne and prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which causes wrinkles and loss of firmness. Naturally thanks to their research gold has now become the new buzz-ingredient.

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AA Skincare Wipes

Now the warmer weather is here your thoughts, like mine, have probably turned to how you can keep yourself feeling fresh as the temperatures soars. If you’re attending a music festival, going camping, or travelling somewhere and likely to be cooped up on a train or car for several hours, then the ability for you to freshen up quickly and easily is even more important.

An obvious product to keep close at hand for such circumstances is a good cleansing wipe. Now I know some people hate them, and I would never recommend them for everyday cleansing, but for the odd occasion when time is short or bathing facilities are basic or worse, non-existent then a cleansing wipe is definitely way better than sleeping in your makeup, and AA Skincare have two fabulous options to keep you feeling clean when the mercury rises!

When I choose a cleansing wipe I like to make sure it is as skin-friendly as possible, and the wipes from AA Skincare totally tick that box with zero alcohol, parabens or artificial fragrance and packed full of natural ingredients. They’re also made of 100% biodegradable viscose making them environmentally friendly to boot.

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SBC Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel

The Simply Beautiful Collection, or SBC, is a company that specialises in salon quality skincare gels that tackle a variety of skin concerns and just last year they celebrated 25 years in the industry. Whether it’s aging, redness, dryness or sensitivity SBC have a blend that is ideal.

After years of watching their shows on QVC it’s only recently I’ve actually tried SBC gels – in particular their Arnica range which I plan on reviewing very soon – but the gel I’m showcasing today is the Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel.


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